Heat Shield

In Science we learned about heat and heat transfer. We were assigned a project and it looked exciting. I could wait! We had to make a heat shield.This heat shield would have to protect a raw egg or “eggstronaut” as my science teacher would say. We have to protect the egg from the heat of a blow torch! But there are rules we have a certain amount of credits we can spend on materials for example tin-foil is 15 credits per eight inches. We only had one hundred credits. The heat shield also could weigh more than forty five grams and had to be within one cm thick.

We got to test materials to see how well they worked but we only got to test with a heat gun which was nowhere near as hot. The final design ended up being made of three sponges, duct tape, and aluminum foil. This cost sixty credits. The eggstronaut did not last. We had about five millimeters of cooking. At the end of the project, we had to make a slideshow of the data we collected to show what we learned and what worked and didn’t.


Lego Wall

Have you wondered what you could do with your Legos? One day my mom came up to me. She said,”Jack, you need to start doing charity work.” We brainstormed for almost a week and eventually decided that we were doing something with Legos but we needed a partner. So we chose Graysen.  Our Final Project was to present a slide show to the school. The slide show asked people to donate Legos. After that we will sanitize and give them to the Boys and Girls club. The Legos will be given to the kids. The kids will be able to play with the legos on Lego Wall, a Lego is a board that you can build Legos off of. What is the Boys and Girls club? The Boys and Girls club is a nonprofit organization that gives kids a safe place to stay after school. They have educational, outdoor and fun activities! 

My Ideal World

           Welcome to Tiedome



You are about to visit Tiedome. Tiedome is one of the safest places in the solar system considering there are no guns or insecurity. We have a very small population of eight million people. Tiedome is a monarchy and Jack and his family are royal. The royal family has two pets,  Afton the shaggy dog and Harrison the cat. The royal family founded the entire galaxy. They took three people they thought were worthy and made them governors. Everybody including the royal family eats wagyu for lunch, and it’s free.

Morning activities will be hot tub swimming, tubbing, and hot snow skiing. Hot snow skiing is so fun because the sun in Tiedome is alway there but you can’t see it. So, when you are skiing you don’t have to wear goggles. The snow is also fluffy so you don’t have to worry about a helmet. At the top of the gold ski lift there will be hot cocoa stands and seas of snow. The levels of the ski runs are ordered easy to hard: green, blue, red, red flash, black, black moguls and finally rainbow flash. There will also be food at the bottom of the runs.

Every year there will be an Olympics and the king of sports will be crowned. There will also be a yearly e-sport competition.On each planet in the solar system there are yearly competitions that all narrow down three teams.There are six planets in the galaxy,: Harreeb by Harrison Nanzer, 90 degrees by Davis Starling, Lantern by Henry Rand, Watermelon by Hudson Crunkelton, Bronks by Hunter Freedman and Broncos Country by Afton Vorenkamp. If somebody gets hurt there is a medical center. No matter your injury, the center can heal it. Once you die on Tiedome you can be reborn as an animal, or a new human resetting your memory.

In Tiedome we have the best shopping possible and no lines! We have a Bathing ape store, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, Supreme, Nike, Ferrari, Bugatti , Konisengg, Apple,Chick Fil-a and Shake shake.The best thing is with the Tiedome credit card everything is 99.9% off! There is a limit of two items per-store

Every year Tiedome hosts a Carnival. The carnival has every possible ride. It’s the most hype event of the year. There is also a water park. The best part about water parks is that you never have to dry off. The water only gets you water if you would like to. If you choose to get wet when you get out of the water the water stays warm on your body.

Animals on Tiedome are your best friends. They love you for you. Tiedome invented a filter that can let the pet speak to you. All pets speak English because it is the only language in the galaxy that is still used by people.

Visits from other planets in the galaxy are all run by Elon Musk. Elon owns the plane company called SpaceX. It is the safest in the galaxy with zero crashes. Tiedome has the most powerful passport in the galaxy. It gives you VIP access to any lounge, any 5 star hotel, the biggest private SpaceX plane there is available, and finally this gives you all the freedom and best sports game tickets. In our Galaxy we have three neighboring planets: Watermelon by Hudson, Bronks by Hunter and Lantern by Henry. These planets have easy travel as they are only ten minutes away from Tiedome. These planets are great vacation travel and very inexpensive to travel to. When you leave Tiedome you can go shopping for your own Tiedome T-shirt or your own shirt of our Tiedome Tigers. Flights are extremely cheap at less than fifty dollars. 

See you on your next visit!


NC Museam of Sciences Raleigh Durham

On my 6th grade field trip we went to the Museum of Sciences in Raleigh Durham. There were two buses that took us to the museum, bus one and bus two. I was on bus two.  On the way there I sat next to my friend Harrison.

When we got there we sat on a wall waiting for bus one. When we entered the museum there were all sorts of animals including: hummingbirds, geckos, snakes and more! At the end of the exhibit there was a replica of the front half of the Titanic. My friends Afton and Colin replicated the scene from the movie. After that we visited the sea life and whale section. It was awesome. My favorite parts were the different types of whale bones hung on the ceiling. There were even whales like: the Sperm whale, Beluga whale, and the blue whale.They were massive. Last we visited the 3D printing lab the were so many things like: dinosaurs fossils, chain armor, wrenches and fight toys.

We were all starving after all that so we decided to have some lunch. After that we had to go on the way back. I sat with Harrison and we talked the whole way back.

The Lost Hero


(Picture From Sora)

I am currently reading The Lost Hero. The Lost Hero by Rick Riodan is about a guy name Percy Jackson that gets Lost and a god named Hera sent Anabeth a message. The message told Anabeth to go find somebody with one shoe on. She goes and ends up finding three half-bloods or children of gods Leo, Jason, and Piper. Books can be windows or mirrors. This book is more of a window because I do not have any powers. Another reason is that one of my family members did not leave because they are a god. Finally, I do not go on quests.  I chose this book because I like fantasy and enjoyed this Percy Jackson series.


Jack’s Electric House


In science class we learn about electricity and circuits. We were assigned a project to make a circuit for a cardboard house. We had to make an interior design. I got assigned Aidan as my partner. On the first day we were stumped because we didn’t get our schematic approved because it would have been a short circuit (which is a fire hazard). It turned out that we were making it more of a blueprint than a schematic. We ended up going to X period to work on our Electric House. We got our Schematic approved thanks to the inspiration of Arjun and David.

We came every X period and worked so hard on the house and with all that hard work it looked great. It had a bed, couches, fan and a TV! It turned out better than we expected. Personally, it was the best in the grade. I was so happy and proud of myself. I showed my mom and nanny. They all thought it was so cool.

Jack’s Wisdom Tale Project

For the past couple weeks we have gathered stories from across the world.  This took about a month and we had to summarize them and tell the moral. I chose The Talkative Turtle and here is my summary about it: Once there was a turtle he would never stop talking. The other animals that shared the pond avoided him.One day two geese appeared the turtle admired their beauty. The geese were about to leave because the turtles were talking endlessly, then the turtle yelled stop. I have an idea.The geese thought the idea was ridiculous. The geese flew and the turtle went with him. The kid below thought it was a great sight. They started talking about how start the geese were. The turtle burst in anger and plummeted to the ground.

The next part of our assessment was to group up, choose a wisdom tale and make a project about it. My partners were Hudson and Afton. We choose to make a stop motion. Click on the link below to see my stop motion 


Camp Hanes Field trip


On September 29/2022 when 6th grade went to Camp Hanes. We had to go on a two hour bus ride back and forth.We had a blast.First we had stand outside of the 100 building or drop off waiting for the bus to arrive.Then we loaded are Clothes on to the bus I was on bus one sitting next to Hudson Curunkelton. We had a lot of fun playing with fingerboards the whole time we also ate snacks that we brought.

When we arrived at camp, we played games till lunch time we had fried chicken. It was great. We then went on to activity’s The first and personal favorite activity was climbing through a course that I held a record of a minute and eighteen second to get through the whole thing a run around it. At first I was scared of running on the net but then learned that it improved my time So I did It  anyway . I had a blast!

After all the fun and great food we went on to the campfire it was so fun we sang songs, ate marshmallows and then went to bed but I didn’t really sleep because of the light and wind that I thought was trying to talk to me.

As a reflection, personally I thought that was the best field trip yet because I got a great cabin with friends,Great food and a lot of fun activities! The funniest part of the whole trip was that it was in the middle of a hurricane and most other schools were closed. I will have that much fun next time!

Jack’s Backpack


This Summer I read Finding Someplace. Finding Someplace is about a girl named Teresa, but everyone calls her Reesie. It was her 13th    birthday when Hurricane Katerina hit, and her parents weren’t in New Orleans. In order to stay safe, she had to hide in an old lady’s attic. She was in a time crunch and had to quickly shove several things into her backpack.

If I was in Reesie’s shoes, I would grab two sets of clothing because I like to stay clean. I would also grab a box of canned food or Spam in order to eat because Spam lasts longer than fresh food. Third, I would bring my phone and a huge power bank to charge my phone. I would also be wearing water shoes so I don’t have to worry about them getting wet. Next, I would bring a tent so I could have a place to live, assuming my house was wrecked in the hurricane. Next, I would bring a deodorant because I don’t want to be stinky, though it wouldn’t get rid of it all. Lastly, I would bring a photo of my family so I don’t feel lonely.