Jack’s Electric House


In science class we learn about electricity and circuits. We were assigned a project to make a circuit for a cardboard house. We had to make an interior design. I got assigned Aidan as my partner. On the first day we were stumped because we didn’t get our schematic approved because it would have been a short circuit (which is a fire hazard). It turned out that we were making it more of a blueprint than a schematic. We ended up going to X period to work on our Electric House. We got our Schematic approved thanks to the inspiration of Arjun and David.

We came every X period and worked so hard on the house and with all that hard work it looked great. It had a bed, couches, fan and a TV! It turned out better than we expected. Personally, it was the best in the grade. I was so happy and proud of myself. I showed my mom and nanny. They all thought it was so cool.

Jack’s Wisdom Tale Project

For the past couple weeks we have gathered stories from across the world.  This took about a month and we had to summarize them and tell the moral. I chose The Talkative Turtle and here is my summary about it: Once there was a turtle he would never stop talking. The other animals that shared the pond avoided him.One day two geese appeared the turtle admired their beauty. The geese were about to leave because the turtles were talking endlessly, then the turtle yelled stop. I have an idea.The geese thought the idea was ridiculous. The geese flew and the turtle went with him. The kid below thought it was a great sight. They started talking about how start the geese were. The turtle burst in anger and plummeted to the ground.

The next part of our assessment was to group up, choose a wisdom tale and make a project about it. My partners were Hudson and Afton. We choose to make a stop motion. Click on the link below to see my stop motion 


Camp Hanes Field trip


On September 29/2022 when 6th grade went to Camp Hanes. We had to go on a two hour bus ride back and forth.We had a blast.First we had stand outside of the 100 building or drop off waiting for the bus to arrive.Then we loaded are Clothes on to the bus I was on bus one sitting next to Hudson Curunkelton. We had a lot of fun playing with fingerboards the whole time we also ate snacks that we brought.

When we arrived at camp, we played games till lunch time we had fried chicken. It was great. We then went on to activity’s The first and personal favorite activity was climbing through a course that I held a record of a minute and eighteen second to get through the whole thing a run around it. At first I was scared of running on the net but then learned that it improved my time So I did It  anyway . I had a blast!

After all the fun and great food we went on to the campfire it was so fun we sang songs, ate marshmallows and then went to bed but I didn’t really sleep because of the light and wind that I thought was trying to talk to me.

As a reflection, personally I thought that was the best field trip yet because I got a great cabin with friends,Great food and a lot of fun activities! The funniest part of the whole trip was that it was in the middle of a hurricane and most other schools were closed. I will have that much fun next time!

Jack’s Backpack


This Summer I read Finding Someplace. Finding Someplace is about a girl named Teresa, but everyone calls her Reesie. It was her 13th    birthday when Hurricane Katerina hit, and her parents weren’t in New Orleans. In order to stay safe, she had to hide in an old lady’s attic. She was in a time crunch and had to quickly shove several things into her backpack.

If I was in Reesie’s shoes, I would grab two sets of clothing because I like to stay clean. I would also grab a box of canned food or Spam in order to eat because Spam lasts longer than fresh food. Third, I would bring my phone and a huge power bank to charge my phone. I would also be wearing water shoes so I don’t have to worry about them getting wet. Next, I would bring a tent so I could have a place to live, assuming my house was wrecked in the hurricane. Next, I would bring a deodorant because I don’t want to be stinky, though it wouldn’t get rid of it all. Lastly, I would bring a photo of my family so I don’t feel lonely.